The Mothman Curse

Written and directed by Richard Mansfield

Produced by Daniel & Richard Mansfield


Katy Vans as Katy

Rachel Dale as Rachel

Darren Munn as Darren

Stephen Glover as Stephen


A creepy supernatural thriller based on the terrifying legend of the Mothman. Rachel and Katy are working in a large empty museum in London. Katy has just moved in with Darren whilst Rachel has just returned from a holiday in the Lake District. Katy notices something different about Rachel who does not seem herself. A dark shadow creeps in the shadows and watches them, seeping into their lives. Disturbing dreams become a terrifying reality, Rachel is haunted and now Katy is seeing things. The entity that Rachel accidentally summoned has come for one of them but who will it take?

© Mansfield Dark 2016

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